Vintage Defined

The word 'vintage' refers to clothing created in a previous era. Garments produced prior to the 1920's can be considered 'Antique Clothing', however anything produced 20 years prior to the present day is referred to as 'vintage' or 'retrospective'. 

Retro garments can be acquired through private re-sale, auctions, thrift shops, or other collectors who sell previously owned items in prime condition. 

SOLD by Yahya Karali

SOLD is a vintage clothing brand founded by Yahya Karali on the premise that great vintage clothing should be both accessible and affordable. One piece at a time.


The Collaboration

I went to a market at Zamalek Grotto Garden a couple of months ago with a friend of mine, it was the Spring Fair, I believe. I usually go to these events in the hopes of discovering an upcoming artist or brand, which can be featured on our platform. A friend of mine introduced me to SOLD founder Yahya Karali, he bought a vintage Nike, bright red, teal and purple bomber jacket. A couple of weeks later I paired it in a shoot with my mother's 1970's Fendi shades. The outfit was simple but it worked, and showcased how one or two staple pieces can elevate any given look.

Nothing haunts us like the vintage we didn’t buy.
— Anonymous