At the beginning of summer, we plant the seeds of our hopes and dreams.

We water them with people and places.

With music, dancing, laughter and conversations that go on until sunrise.

Until 5AM, when the sky is drenched in sorbet red, burnt yellow and deep purple.


We meet unfamiliar faces, who become family.

We build an arc, a storyline, of fast flashes and fleeting memories.

At the end of every summer, we check our garden of reveries, and come to reap what we have sown.


Photography by Sarah Lasheen

Styling by Yasmine Kenawi

Modeled by Ahd El Saady & Yasmine Kenawi

Make Up by Agnieszka Hoscilo

Story by Radical

Fashion is like a fruit, you can’t eat it the day before, and you can’t eat it the day after. It’s just about today.
— Alber Elbaz

What appears are a few ripe fruits, of all shapes and sizes, of all colors and forms.

We relish them, and take a bite!

For each flavor, marks a portion of the story of our summer.