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Emon Toufanian: Disillusion, Salvation and Enlightenment

Emon Toufanian: Disillusion, Salvation and Enlightenment

In the midst of jaded lines and blurred backdrops, if you look hard enough, you'll always find an answer.

Hannah's comments: Emon Toufanian is an Iranian-American artist based in New York, and working primarily in magazine editorial and fashion photography.

Emon's pieces let you dig into his own personal experiences, his vulnerability draws you to him. With whatever part of the imagination he triggers within you, you are free to complete the story yourself. If we could recreate our own memories, what would the pages of our life look like?

"My works are born from pangs and moments of disillusionment and dysphoria. Each series is a dialogue with a person or memory whose realization and resolve I perceive as the key to my own salvation." - Emon Toufanian

Nour's comments: Emon's work resonates with my love for zines. For powerful images and quirky editorial spreads that look as though they've been faded and washed out, then put back together with perfection. Like a photo randomly uncovered from the back pocket of old worn out jeans. An image of my grandmother in Tunis in the 70's. A shot of a woman with snow white eyebrows and jet black hair. 



This is the first of a monthly Art Archives section on Radical. The artists that go up will be curated by a trusted friend of the mag Hannah Patten - check out her bio - the purpose of this series is to compare, contrast and shed light on works from people around the world, as well as locally here in Cairo, individuals whose work essentially generates inspiration. Provokes thought. And allows for conversations about art, such as this one, to stay alive.

I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.
— Vincent Van Gogh
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