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Yousef Sabry: The Sketch

Yousef Sabry: The Sketch

At the moment everything is in black and white.

Yousef Sabry, who goes by the alter ego of Yarbes Soufy, is an Egyptian artist of Russian descent. Born and raised in the eclectic Maadi district of Cairo, Egypt.

Having gone to design school in London, Youssef’s interests dwell in all aspects of fine art and design; from sculpture and fashion design to illustration and ink work. He is this month's local artist selection for our archives.

We asked Yousef to describe his artistic process at the moment.

For the past few years, I've been using ink to hone in on this surrealist style, although no stranger to the love of color. This current phase of black and white reflects my desire to fall deep into the endless possibilities between the two tones. To truly enjoy their depths before discovering even deeper the full spectrum of colors. I envision an ability to contribute and collaborate in all sections of art and design, I hope to bring designers from around the world to relish in Cairo someday. I want to grow into a figure of reference for the contemporary Egyptian art scene. - Yousef Sabry aka Yarbes Soufy 

Sabry's detailed drawing techniques transport the mind into a state of wonder. The dots, lines, and ambiguous figures featured in each piece create an otherworldly atmosphere of galactic magnitude. All encompassed on primarily A4 pieces of ink on paper artwork. 

Draw an illustration at least well enough to get your point across to another person.
— Marilyn Savant
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