Sometimes being optimistic isn't enough. We're all in search of a moment, when everything will come together. When all the late nights. All the blood, sweat and tears. All that time that felt like centuries not hours, days or years, will finally allign.

A moment when all the little parts of our being coincide. 


When we think of the future. We think the world will get louder. Faster. Brighter. Blinding even. Bursting with the energy we all suppress. Our ambitions and fears. Our deepest thoughts and most potent desires. A blinding glare. A flash. A millennium later, maybe, we'll be free.


Until then. We'll remain resilient. Protected and shielded. Because there is nothing to fear. And no matter what happens, that moment will come.

Photographed by Baher Khairy in the streets of Zamalek in Cairo, Egypt.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.
— Abraham Lincoln