by ST

"The inner is the most precious light that brings about uniqueness, peel away all the extra layers get in touch with what's within and embrace that.

Each collection has an inner beauty.

A special quality that shines.

We are unique but those simple lines are what connect us."

- Innerworkings by ST.


When I think of innerworkings I think of the nuts and bolts that make us who we are as humans beings. Not our heart beats and sound breathing, but more the thoughts and prayers that keep us awake at night. The beliefs, the fear, the anger and the love. The true indescribable connections we form with one another, over art, over music, over literature or food. I think of the moments that are hard to describe. The little things that make us all the same really, as different as we are in form. No line drawn on paper is identical to another, but we can connect these lines to manifest meaning. 

This is what artist Shahd Tarek has managed to capture with Innerworkings, a humble jewelry line that speaks volumes on the ability for something as simple as a line to formulate sentimental value. Each piece is unique, giving you the liberty to mix and match until you find the inner you.

Earrings and Set by Shahd Tarek. Art Direction by Radical. Photographed by Yassin Montasser. Make Up and Face Paint by Agnieszka Hoscilo. Featuring inner subjects Alia Nour and Nada Nour

All wonders you seek are within.
— Sir Thomas Browne