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The Celestial Bride by Sandra Mansour

The Celestial Bride by Sandra Mansour

Belonging or relating to heaven.


Sandra Mansour’s debut Bridal collection L’Ombre d’Un Miracle caught my attention as I was grasping for something soulful to catch my eye amidst the chaos that is PFW. I came across an image of a young and ethereal bride laying calmly on a burgundy velvet and gold embellished bed; the presentation of the collection was almost Shakespearean in its theatrical and whimsical air.

SandraMansour-S1-BTS-Bridal-05 2.jpg

The floating fabrics of tulle, satin, sequins, crystals and feathered tones of cream and off-white finally presented us - the Arab female, given the designer’s Lebanese roots - with a bride that does not conform to Cinderella’s story. These are gowns we seldom see in our region, their simultaneous opulence and subtly are paradoxical. They leave the viewer speechless.


These are women dressed in gowns that elevate and accentuate their femininity, with fabrics and patterns that engulf them in such a sense of aloof beauty that its mystery inevitably draws you in.

They looked untouchable, playing chess amongst bookshelves and vintage desks, the collection was inspired by The Book of Miracles, a Renaissance manuscript filled with watercolor depictions of folkloric tales and heavenly events.

SandraMansour-S1-BTS-Bridal-02 2.jpg

“We really wanted to dream,” Mansour says of this range, which is resplendent with gold embroidery and billowing veils.


Sandra Mansour Bridal is truly a dream to behold.

SandraMansour-S1-BTS-Bridal-01 2.jpg
you must want
to spend the rest of your life
with yourself
— Rupi Kaur
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