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Plant Shopping, Succulents and Cacti

Plant Shopping, Succulents and Cacti

This one goes out to all the plant lovers out there ... 

Not without reason, I decided to dedicate a post to my new found love for plant shopping. Yes, that is a term now used liberally in modern conversation. Oddly enough I was never the kind of person to immerse themselves in the world of vegetation, let alone take an intense liking to any one particular plant other than of course flowers. To latch onto a profusely accurate cliche, I am a girl who enjoys the occasional flower bouquet.

Here's how it happened. I was walking to a friend's place, after a lot of Cairo traffic and a smidge of hangryness, I stumbled upon a cute little plant store on the corner of a street right next to a gas station, paradoxically as cairo always tends to be.

For some reason, I was compelled to walk in and find myself a living breathing organism to call a companion and to take car of. The first group of plants I noticed were a collation of succulents and mini cactus plants on the curb, all clustered into one thorny green patch of vitality.

I was intrigued and instinct told me my plant would be one of them. I had seen the succulent trend filter through social media a couple of months back without taking much notice, like I said I never really understood the fuss. Until I spotted an unassuming tiny green plant smack in the middle of all its brothers and sisters. I instantly felt attached to it, I even gave it a name which I will refrain from sharing with you at the moment. All I know is that some subconscious and oddly, almost comically, maternal instinct clicked.

Plants are endearing. They are a low maintenance, positive, empowering in a strange sort of way, source of life to have around the house. I took my succulent home that day and placed it in the balcony.

It needs to be watered once every three days, and lives an independant consistent little life. I mean it's not a pet animal, but its a start right? 

Use plants to bring life.
— Douglas Wilson
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