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Shades on Shades on Shades by JAZZY

Shades on Shades on Shades by JAZZY

There isn't a female out there that can pinpoint the undeniable allure of a good pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses have a certain appeal that other accessories don't. While shading our eyes, they simultaneously have the power to instil confidence, reflect attitude, absorb information, and convey mystery all at once. It can easily be argued that the sunglasses are the MVP of dual gender accessorizing, because finding a good pair that exemplifies style while lasting through bumpy road trips and days on the beach can be extremely difficult. There is however that inherent knowledge that a solid pair of shades, almost always guarantees, a solid day in the sun.  

JAZZY was founded by Yasmine Seoud and launched in July 2016. The concept came to her during the summer before, having always had a love and appreciation for sunglasses, but never being able to find the perfect price versus quality ratio. She was travelling at the time and found sunglasses laying around at small boutiques and kiosks, with cool geometric shapes and wooden frames, however the quality was not up to par. A mother of two, starting a business venture had always been an ambition of hers, and so the idea popped up and she left it to simmer for a while.

Documentaries often play integral roles in the process of starting a business, along with TED Talks and other forms of motivational or informative videos, which people watch to understand what the experience of building a business entails mentally, physically and emotionally. Yasmine had watched a documentary, after her trip, that spoke extensively on the sunglasses business. How they are made, where, what materials are required, and the fact that the majority of sunglasses retailers are monopolised by one giant company in Italy. This also explains the prevailing outrageous prices of let's say a pair of PRADA shades compared to my personal favorite brand at the moment QUAY; an Australian indie sunglasses brand which Yasmine sites as inspiration.

A stay at home mom at the time, unable to commit to a full time job anymore, Yasmine decided to pursue her Big Idea and venture off into the glamorously cool realm of sunglasses manufacturing. She created a logo, website demo with the words "COMING SOON" on it, researched sunglasses fairs and decided to go to the biggset one in Hong Kong for some full fledged market research.

For three days straight Yasmine immersed herself in the world of manufacturing, scouting materials, shapes, styles, trends and prices in order to zero in on her vision of producing an affordable pair of super sturdy as well as meticuously deisgned shades.

The first JAZZY collection focuses on three major materials: metal, wood and acetate plastic. Yasmine's main concern was to ensure that she does not compromise quality for price or vice versa. JAZZY for example makes sure all sunglasses have lenses that are of high quality; this is imperative to a successful pair of durable shades. Nowadays the fashion world is flocking away from high end luxury brands with stifling price tags, and leaning more towards local indie fashion houses. JAZZY taps into this niche perfectly, catching the trend at its peak.

Miral Mahilian  shot by Aisha Al Shabrawy

Miral Mahilian shot by Aisha Al Shabrawy

The goal for any local brand is always expansion, JAZZY is no different, looking to sell globally with the launch of its Summer '17 collection coming in June.

Zayneb Azzam  shot by Aisha Al Shabrawy

Zayneb Azzam shot by Aisha Al Shabrawy

Entrepreneurship is hard, and starting a business isn't for everyone but when asked what keeps her motivation strong Yasmine responded that people's feedback, comments and seeing her products worn around town are what give her that push needed to wade through the difficulties of being a true.

All images were shot by Aisha Al Shabrawy. Project by Flare PR.

There’s no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses.
— Samantha August
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