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The Vitality of Summer Lies in Azalea by Mazoura

The Vitality of Summer Lies in Azalea by Mazoura

Azalea by Mazoura captures the essence of that ambiguous place between Summer and Fall - the twilight zone of seasons where glamour meets comfort and anything can happen.

The Azalea collection embodies the essence of summer. It tells the story of a woman who exists in her natural form, surrounded by elements of nature and beauty. The collection borrows inspiration from beautiful and fragrant flowers, as well as from vibrant and bold creatures in nature. 


Designed to be worn with grace and elegance, Mazoura was founded in 2016 by Egyptian designer, Heba Abo Oaf. Her love for textiles, patterns, modern cuts, and raw materials created this 100% locally-produced women’s apparel line.

We spoke to Heba about her design process for a brand that speaks to generations of women …

What was your starting point for the Azalea collection?

With every collection the starting point is the fabric. I build garments, piece by piece. If the material draws me in, I work around its requirements when it comes to color and cut, I love mixing and matching materials.

Where do you source your materials?

I source from Beirut, Turkey, Dubai - each fabric is different and unique - everything is produced in Egypt. The brand has a regional flair to it, it speaks to the Arab woman, but my design process always starts with the Egyptian woman in mind.


Your color palette is bold and versatile, and includes both patterns and block colors, clearly opting for diversity over trend-forecasting. Was this a conscious selection?

Yes! Many people question my diverse choice of materials, and ask me why I don’t follow a specific palette or trend. The reason is simple; I want women to find more than one or two items that attract them when they enter my store, so I skew in favor of variety rather than following rigid or passing trends.


How prevalent is the Egyptian woman in your design process?

I think about Egyptian women first. They are varied in shape and size, we have a lot of different body types, and I try to make my garments suitable for all. Generally, my pieces are chic but not too sexy or too edgy, they’re shaped and cut with practicality and longevity in mind. I want these pieces to last with you and become an item you truly love!

In creating your brand Mazoura, what’s the gap you wanted to fill in a saturated fashion market?

I wanted to cater to women like me, looking for a dress that can stand the test of time, and can operate in several seasons. A piece that will remain trendy and chic over the years, as well as retain its quality. My brand is built on the need for solving a global problem of sustainability in fashion - I wanted to make clothes for the women who understands that less is more. And that selecting a unique piece, which stands out and stays with you is everything.


Mazoura’s fabric selection embodies fluidity and versatility, using refined materials such as linen, silk, cotton, leather, and wool to ensure premium quality products.

IMG_1595 (1).jpg

Abo Oaf ensures that her designs are one of a kind, never repeating a piece twice after the collection has wrapped and giving women the rare opportunity to truly feel unique in their outfit selection. 

Summer allows each woman to recreate her aesthetic, go bigger and brighter and more daring, and Azalea invites you to play with this year’s color palette featuring everything from bold red to neon green and cool tones in between.


The Azalea woman embodies a bird of paradise in her whimsical air and refreshing sense of style and ease of character. She lives for a summer day, natural sunlight and the ability to roam barefoot on the beach.



Art Direction/Styling Yasmine Kenawi @yasminekenawi

Photographer Izmatique @izmatique

MUA Noha Ezz El Din @maquillagebynoha

Model Nancy Assad @nancyassad

Location Sahel, North Coast, Egypt

Summer has filled her veins with light and her heart is washed with noon.
— C.D Lewis
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