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PJ Lab Introduces #Napqueen Culture

PJ Lab Introduces #Napqueen Culture

#Napqueens are people who know the importance of truly and genuinely taking a break.

I had coffee with the founders of PJ Lab, a brand specialized in creating the perfect loungewear for women who are ambitious and hardworking but also enjoy the finer things in life.


Nahed Kazziha and Nadia El Tawil both come from hardcore corporate backgrounds – their brand was born from their collective need for a creative outlet that embodied their love for lounging in pjs all day long and all night long.

When did conceptualization for PJ Lab begin?

“The concept of PJ Lab was born on Road 9 in Maadi around 5 years ago. We knew we wanted a fashion label - as cousins we’ve spent a lot of time lounging in our pjs discussing life - and so we started brainstorming ideas. One of the names we had come up with was PJ Lab. To this day it perfectly describes our purpose - a brand that celebrates laziness in its purest form.”


As a generation that is always on the run, always distracted and in the midst of chaos, detaching can be the key to protecting your sanity. The archetypal “Lazy Daisy” persona has now become a glorified character in pop culture, we all want that moment of sublime peace and comfort in our favorite pjs with a good book.

“Sometimes you get excited with an idea and just run with it – things fall together.” – Nadia, Co-Founder of PJ Lab

PJ Lab has tapped into a niche – a sanctuary of sorts – reviving elegant and classic styles such as the boudoir set, the slip dress, and the cover-up kimono in their minimal and refined debut collection.


“We were on the phone last year – both done with our corporate routines – in need of a break. That’s when PJ Lab and our mission to make every woman feel beautiful, sexy and confident in her loungewear came to be. We started production immediately.”

PJ Lab is an Egyptian born and bred brand, with fabrics sourced from abroad but crafted here into soft, stretchy and smooth perfectly cut satin pajamas.

“We wanted the designs to be stylish and comfortable – we are both very meticulous people – we started with the fit and color palette of pastels and ivory tones. The idea is to be able to wear our pieces anywhere.”


“We took an academic approach – we wanted it to be focused from the beginning and knew there was a need in the market for that perfect pajama.” – Nahed, Co-Founder of PJ Lab

The slip and kimono are for the woman who has things to do and places to be, on the go and practical. The boudoir set is more of an avant-garde approach to pjs, the designs are inspired by classic 20’s cuts.

“The PJ Lab girl can be a young adult or a mom, a T-shirt and shorts chick looking for a dressy alternative, or a bouji and dressy woman who likes to dress up her slip dress for a night out. All the pieces can be worn all day – this is not just your regular night-time pajama.”


The editorial embodies the all-day pj concept. PJ Lab is reimagining pajama culture, allowing for the acceptance and comeback of loungewear as everyday wear. A look that exudes character and class, it says that you can be both a strong independent woman but also love to quite literally nap all day long.


An idealistic balance we all crave and with the right look can easily pull off.

Creative Direction and Styling: Suzzane El Husseiny

Photography: Alia El Tawil and Shaden Shalaby

Model: Sherouk Farid

The sky was the color of Edgar Allan Poe’s pajamas.
— Tom Robbins
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