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Bits and pieces of the earth.

A lot of the time we use accessories to accentuate the parts of ourselves we feel are most beautiful and other times we use them to conceal our flaws.


The images here show emphasis on the pieces of jewelry extracted from elements and stones of the earth, in order to infuse our bodies with energies and vibrations that bring peace and positive energy.

IVORY is an Egyptian Bohemian Art and Jewelry label founded by Yomna Zaki in 2015. The pieces made by IVORY are one of a kind simply due to the nature of stone formulation - no two stones can have the same colors, textures, frequencies, or surface.

We sat down and had a conversation with Yomna, the founder, about stones and the women who wear them.

My love for gemstones started around 5 years ago, which made me start this brand. I have extreme passion towards what I create. Creating a unique statement piece of jewelry and being able to provide women with different energies using the stones, a piece that adds to their confidence, is so fulfilling.- Yomna Zaki, Founder


Describe to us your design process …

My process thrives on colorful and natural messy stones as well as beads. Color is everything. I just stare at the stones for a while, mix it up, add, subtract until I'm happy with the result. 

What was the thought process behind the MERAKI collection?

Since the beginning of IVORY, the common thread throughout our jewelry has been our signature raw stones that’s why I chose “Raw. Natural. One Of A Kind” for MERAKI. I carefully select the stones from different cities around the world, I do so myself while traveling. Meraki was mainly inspired by stones from Cape Town, Brussels and Beirut. Gemstones carry a lot of meaning. For instance, Lapis Lazuli, is a stone of Egyptian and Persian royalty and a favorite of Michelangelo, who ground it into pigment for the sky of the Sistine chapel. Its deep blue shade provides clarity and blocks negative energy. 

What does the name IVORY represent?

When one thinks of IVORY, usually the first animal that comes to mind is the elephant. Which is not only my favorite animal but also color. Ivory is strongly associated with purity and is a relaxed tone of understated elegance. Not to be confused with the material ivory, which is banned worldwide.

We design for women who want distinctive jewelry that reflects who they are – stylish, self-assured, classy and unique. - Yomna Zaki, Founder

When styling this editorial less was always more, as the strength of each stone took center stage. The IVORY MERAKI collection is that exact piece you’ll be wearing all summer long, on the beach, from morning to night.


Creative Direction Radical

Photography by Baher Khairy

Styling Jessica Toutounji

Shot at Photopia Studio

May crystals give you power.
— Isabel Walbourne
Usfuur: A Bird for Peace

Usfuur: A Bird for Peace

Dana Hourani: A Flame That Never Goes Out

Dana Hourani: A Flame That Never Goes Out