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Second Base with CLUB BY FYR

Second Base with CLUB BY FYR

CLUB : klʌb/noun: For Ring / Circle/ Group of beings connected by their similarities & differences; creating a state of universal unification - a whole.


Once again the Parisian-Egyptian jewelry label founded by Farah Radwan, reinvents the way we self-proclaim. Introducing their newest collection Second Base, focused on love, freedom and self-expression.


As part of an innovative approach CLUB BY FYR introduced three new mediums to their collection rooted in self-expression and strength.

  1. MIRRORS as seen in the Sky Long Necklace and Sky Charm.

  2. A cult favorite material the ONYX stone, said to have physical and mental shielding properties according to Ancient Egyptians.

  3. Finally, the collection is now officially made of 18K Gold and 925 sterling silver - ensuring that Second Base lasts forever.


The collection incorporates male pieces, as well as gender fluid pieces from chains to ear-cuffs, bracelets and rings. Second Base is an extension from First Base - carrying the same versatility but with a more androgynous twist in order to expand CLUB BY FYR ‘s audience.


For CLUB BY FYR versatility is essential to self-expression, that’s why a lot of their pieces are designed to be multi-functional and stackable.

Innovation is in the brands DNA. - Farah Radwan, Founder of CLUB BY FYR.


The most notable piece in this collection can be seen in the cover photo of this feature which is "The Crush Necklace". This piece features a gold frame & gold details mixed with silver and two sides to the center piece coin - one written in Arabic "Bel Hob" then translated in French "Par Amour" on the other side.


As the focus of this collection is “love” in all its forms, the use of both languages associated with CLUB BY FYR’S DNA which are Arabic and French, emphasizes how this brand’s design identity is rooted in Paris and handcrafted in Cairo. Acting as a channel for cross-cultural self expression.

If you’re here to truly inspire; let love win.
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