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Usfuur: A Bird for Peace

Usfuur: A Bird for Peace

The first uSfuur bird was launched in December 2015, almost 4 years ago now.

We spoke to Syrian founder Yara Tlass about how the inception of this peaceful philanthropic bird and how it came about.

How did you first come up with the now iconic uSfuur?

The idea came about quite spontaneously as I started learning more about art and design, and immersing myself in various creative endeavors. I knew I wanted to create something that makes a positive difference and contributes to society and I was already doing work with a small grassroots charity organization ( the same charity that we donate to now) so it’s as if the dots somehow randomly connected in my head.

Why jewelry design as a form of charitable contribution?

I find jewelry design in particular a beautiful medium to express oneself so I designed the bird symbol, which became later the brand signature and the name of the brand because it truly reflects our identity and what we believe in … freedom, the beauty of simplicity, peace and that there is more that unites than divides us.

What is the purpose of uSfuur?

The idea is also to transcend jewelry and borders and geographies, just like birds and spread awareness about what truly matters.

What is the organization that uSfuur is associated with?


uSfuur is partnered up with a Syrian grassroots organization called Myhomeland/Watanilli to donate a percentage from the sale of every piece of jewelry to help support refugee communities in need.

Who is the uSfuur?

The typical uSfuur is a contemporary woman/man who appreciates beauty and art, and delights in life’s smallest pleasures —freedom, sunsets, long walks on the beach, or the sweet taste of a vanilla ice cream. The typical uSfuur cares, and wants to make the world a better place.. 

Check out uSfuur on Instagram.

We are currently working with Watanili, but the long term plan is to expand further and reach out to displaced communities in need from Iraq to Palestine - we care about the Arab world, and this is a cause dear to our heart. - Yara Tlass, founder and designer of Usfuur, who is from Syria herself. 

Refugees are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, with the same hopes and ambitions as us—except that a twist of fate has bound their lives to a global refugee crisis on an unprecedented scale.
— Khaled Hosseini
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