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DAWN: Leather Footwear Made in Egypt

DAWN: Leather Footwear Made in Egypt

Customizable footwear.

The concept of bespoke design has been around for years. It is the epitome of luxury and refinement in fashion; to be able to tailor the sizing, color palette and choice of material to the customer’s taste and preference.


When packing for a beach day, we all know the essentials: sunscreen, beach towel, tanning oil, on-trend shades, and a flamboyant, at times, excessively pricey beach bag, formed of some obscure material that has come into fashion. CC Cult Gaia

The part where we all get stuck, the ultimate challenge, is finding a pair of beach sandals that can withstand the sandy mornings filled with sun and laughter as well as the luminous nights dancing the summer away.


Come fall, these sandals become our partners in crime, and the perfect breather to an outfit that is slowly closing up as we approach winter chills.

Dawn by Hagar Fattah, is an Egyptian bespoke footwear brand, which makes shoes out of 100% genuine leather, that are handcrafted from start to finish. Hagar saw a lack of refinement and customisation in the Egyptian shoemaking market, which are available in other markets such as Italy. When in the process of receiving our pair, the brand ensured to ask us specific questions in order to make our sandals as customised as possible. From size to color, to shape and consultation, this is a pair of sandals that fit like a glove.

As the saying goes, “Less is More.” Dawn is a brand that capitalizes on the essence of function versus form. It is a brand that delivers a beautifully crafted product, that not only looks good, but will last a lifetime.

In order to customize your own footwear, you can visit their website or direct message the brand

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.
— Marilyn Monroe
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