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Sandbox: Hues From The Golden Hour

Sandbox: Hues From The Golden Hour

It’s 6:57 PM, the sun is descending, the sea is flickering, and the sand is finally golden.

Photography by Sarah Lasheen, Modeled by Lilly Nagaty, Make-up by Shariff Tanyous, Art Direction by Suhayla Al Sheikh, Styling by Ghufran Katatney.

A light breeze passes through the palm trees and into your hair, your skin is glowing.  It’s the perfect sunset. You take in a deep breath and take in the moment, of peace and serenity. Beautiful colors and natural light making your skin glow by the shore. 

In a few hours, you'll be back to the city. Back to the chaos, the crowds, and scorching concrete heat. Back to reality.

You'll be searching for that moment again, everywhere you go. For a picture, a reminder, a token from your seaside dreams. 

You find it in “HUESSandbox’s latest collection. Creatively powerful and true to their aesthetic, this collection manifests the luxuriously coveted concept of resort dressing. Each curve, line and crushed stone is inspired by the four phases of sunset: The Golden Hour, The Civil Twilight, The Blue Hour, and The Nautical Twilight. Ultimately, this is a collection that mirrors and draws inspiration from a tranquil experience that resonates with all of us ... that is watching the sun go down. 

We've been longtime fans of this eclectic jewelry brand, infused with an air of Arabian beauty. Their latest collection does not disappoint, adding a mesmerizing silver lining to the vibrance of summer fashion.

Shop the HUES collection on the Sandbox website and check them out on instagram

A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.
— Crystal Woods
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Image: How music and fashion are curating popular culture.

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