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Indira: The Ultra Line

Indira: The Ultra Line

Contemporary jewelry for the modern soul.

Indira was founded by Egyptian-American Marwa Saadawi in 2013. A transatlantic jewelry brand based between New York City and Cairo; the essence of both cultures can be spotted in the geometric and yet simultaneously Arabesque inspired Indira pieces. Both cities are urban jungles in their own right, making this a brand that speaks to the city girl with a natural air of ease and presence. 

The pieces are made of the finest sterling silver and vermeil gold, as well as responsibly sourced fresh water pearls and the brand's signature Mother of Pearl shell. Much of the jewelry involves multifaceted constructions, mechanic movement, and pieces that can be worn in more than one way.

The Indira woman is hard-core and yet unapologetically feminine, as best described by the Founder and Creative Director Marwa, she is a woman or a girl who is minimal at heart and exudes confident, with refined taste.

"The Ultra Line is an ode to the simpler side of big city living. Sifting through the chaos to return to the root of what jewelry is all about, exuding a sense of elegance and making a woman feel beautiful. The Ultra Line is inspired by subtle movement, with modular arrangements in specific pieces that allow for endless variations of self expression." - Indira NYC

To compliment the line's minimal appeal is an editorial that leaves room for the jewelery to stand out sans clutter.

Photography by Malak El Sawi

Photography/Videography for BTS by Mohamed Ibrahim

Styled by Ghufran Katatney

Featuring  Sohaila Kandil  and  Alia Dessouki

Makeup by  Shariff Tanyous

I have eclectic taste, and I love vintage style mixed with glamour and old world charm.
— Sonam Kapoor


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