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On Pop Up Culture: The Amanqi Edit

On Pop Up Culture: The Amanqi Edit

In-store is out, online is in, and Pop Ups are the median zone that is currently thriving in the retail world.


The Amanqi Edit never fails to impress, as an online magazine with an excellent knack for curating and shedding light on some of this region's hidden treasures in fashion. Having hosted their first Pop Up of 2018 called "New Year New Me" to kick start the year on a fashionable note, they are now set to host "Pop-Up II" at Society Cafe in Jumeirah Dubai from the 23rd - 24th March from 11am - 9pm, featuring 10 incredible contemporary luxury labels, as well as the work of prominent local illustrator Marwa Hashim.


We spoke to The Amanqi Edit's co-founder Manal Waqi on her vision for Amanqi, how they ventured into retail, and her thoughts on Pop Up culture as a means of shopping that is currently a consumer favorite. 

"The Amanqi Edit was established with the objective to promote up & coming, emerging design talent, particularly in the GCC region. In pursuit of helping our favourite brands, we discovered they were looking for a retail outlet and a way to interact with customers, which led us to do the first pop up. The event went successfully thus we decided to follow it up with more such events & make this a recurring series." - Manal Waqi, co-founder of The Amanqi Edit


"To be honest, the pop up culture has rapidly been growing in the region, to the extent that many would say it has reached saturation point. However that being said, with so many brands being dependent on Instagram for sales, pop ups become a great way for brands to create a physical interaction with customers, and for that reason they'll continue to be prominent for a while." - Manal Waqi, co-founder of The Amanqi Edit

Make sure to check out The Amanqi Edit's second Pop Up of the year, with a few more coming up, you're sure to stumble upon some exciting new finds and maybe even that one statement piece you'll be wearing all summer long. 

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