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La Dolce Vita by Farah Hammad

La Dolce Vita by Farah Hammad

In a washed out world of pastel tones and faded filters, it was refreshing to finally come across a brand that exudes color and vitality.

Farah Hammad is a Saudi Arabian designer who started her eponymous clothing label for the whimsical woman in October of 2015. We stumbled upon her SS18 collection, and were enchanted by the vibrant use of colors and organic elements such fruits and flowers as patterns that portray an air of glamorous youth.

Her designs represent the stylish and worldly woman, who follows no trends and is aware of how to portray her character through fashion as a medium of self expression.

We spoke to Farah about her latest collection, the inspiration behind it, which was rooted in the dreamlike Amalfi coast of Italy, and who she sees as the ideal Farah Hammad woman.

Who is the typical Farah Hammad female?

She is a playful, confident, stylish and worldly woman, who’s conscious about which style suits her best. 

What is the main source of inspiration behind your brand?

Women! It has always been women of effortless style that have inspired me; my mother, my aunt and especially my two cousins.

How do you incorporate different cultural backgrounds into your garments?

Growing up between London and Paris, two of the world’s fashion capitals, has undoubtedly influenced my aesthetic. Living in several countries - Egypt, Saudi Arabia - gave me a broad understanding of how women from different cultures perceive fashion. My brand’s philosophy is about creating simple, whimsical and effortless styles that exude femininity, which I believe tailors to both Middle Eastern and Western cultures.

Middle Eastern women have their own unique style and like to set their own trends as much as Western women. I respect and admire that very much.

What is the theme for your SS18 collection?

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection is inspired by the island off the Italian Amalfi coastline, Capri, & the cliffside village of Positano.

I fell in love with the beauty of southern Italy and was inspired by Capri and Positano’s magical charm, picture-perfect postcard of bright and pastel-coloured coastline, houses, tile prints and terraced gardens.

I was captivated with the irresistible scent of lemon and orange filled carts and flying Vespas passing by along the hill, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The mood for the collection is a juxtaposition between the laid back, island life by day and effortless glamour by night. Everything is clean, cool, sexy and fresh. I wanted to capture the romantic and fun spirit of the southern Italian dream that represents old-school glamour.

Any other information you'd like to share ...

Our clothing line is about making women feel good about themselves, a desire to make them feel beautiful and compassion for those less fortunate, which is why a percentage of each purchase is donated to various charities. My intention is to create romantic and timeless pieces that will stay in your wardrobe for years.

You may have the universe, if I may have Italy.
— Giuseppe Verdi
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