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HUWA: Accessorizing for the Contemporary Gentleman

The devil is in the details.

HUWA is an Egyptian men's accessories brand founded by Hisham Wali, on the premise of fulfilling an often overlooked gap in the menswear department.



We spoke to Hisham about HUWA, and who his brand represents.

How did you make the decision to tap into such a niche market in menswear?

Being a man myself this passion or interest of mine came from a problem I had getting dressed, men's accessories are a difficult find, and so i decided to create a brand that caters to that niche.


What draws you to accessories as a man? How do you use them to elevate your look?

When we talk about accessories, as men we like to keep it chic, elegant and fun, but we have very few options to elevate or dapper our looks. It starts with a nice watch and shoes. After that it's a nice tie, a nice pocket square, belt, a pair of sunglasses, but then what? This is where the idea of pins, cufflinks, tie clips, and money clips comes in ... and sometimes the smallest little piece makes a statement and suddenly the whole outfit looks on point! 


Who is the HUWA man - the character you see owning your product?

HUWA is designed for the modern charismatic professional man, who despite their busy schedule, always manages to be well dressed.

You can shop HUWA through their website. keep an eye out for upcoming themed capsule collections. 

Dressing well is a form of good manners.
— Tom Ford
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