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DECONSTRUCTED: A Radical Project for Dina Shaker

DECONSTRUCTED: A Radical Project for Dina Shaker


Dina Shaker’s avant-garde approach to outwear design has always caught our attention as being reminiscent to the structured and deconstructed creations of the likes of Rick Owens and Raf Simons.


The FW18/19 collection features mainly coats and jackets, all of which have been cut and sewn in a way, which guarantees them to be conversation starters for any wearer.

We teamed up with Style Blogger Yasmine Kenawi, and Fashion Photographer Le Mosen, to create a futuristic shoot that reflects the empowering nature of Dina Shaker’s garments.


The collection includes layered coats, cut out jackets, half jackets, organza dresses, tulle appliques, and leather with metallic adornments.


A staple of the Dina Shaker brand has become the use of half and half materials, separating a garment into two, and allowing the subject to appear in two different lights.


Dina Shaker is one of few designers who manages to harness the element of surprise by utilising the idea of deconstructing fabrics, through an amalgamation of shapes and layers, creating coats you'd never even want to take off at a party.


This collection will be showing at the Pure London Trade Show at the Olympia Exhibition Centre on the 11th, 12th, 13th of February. Booth no. B60.


"Deconstructed" is a Radical project for Dina Shaker.

Photography and Art Direction by Le Mosen

Styled by Yasmine Kenawi

Make Up by Passant Ahmed

We should all be involved in the avant-garde as long as we look toward the past.
— Jose Andres
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