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Twelvepieces, and Twelvepieces Only.

Twelvepieces, and Twelvepieces Only.

6 months ago while scrolling through Highsnobiety's Under The Radar segment, I took a screenshot of a brand that caught my eye, Twelvepieces, a rustic Arabic calligraphy infused streetwear label.

6 months later Amir Hassan, founder of Twelvepieces, emailed us on Radical, and a dialogue began.

Twelvepieces is a Danish streetwear brand founded by Amir in January 2017 after having graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from VIA DESIGN Denmark. Amir is of Egyptian origin, residing and working in Denmark at the moment, he would return to visit Cairo annually during the summer in the years prior to the revolution.

Twelvepieces's first collection "The Spring" is showcased throughout this article, it depicts themes of anarchy and chaos in the Middle East with an earth toned color palette and striking calligraphic prints. The collection consisted of 12 styles, of which 12 pieces each were made.

I love the idea of playing on a number conceptually, limiting production for the purpose of vision, and truly embodying what it means to create a capsule collection.

Each piece is numbered 1/12 to 12/12. 

Why the number 12? Does it represent anything in particular to you as a designer/artist?

"The name Twelvepieces actually came from an old drawing I found some years ago and this drawing was one of the first collections I made when I was young. On the corner, the words “12 stykker” were written in Danish meaning "12 pieces" in English. That was actually the name and from there I made my own concept. I love the number 12 because of its many functions in life. You see it everywhere. We buy things in douzens. On our watches it is present, and it has beautiful pronunciation."

Do you start each collection with a theme and create 12 designs that co-relate to it, or does the process happen in reverse?

"I always start with a story - what do I want to tell the world - what inspires me to do what I do. So the storytelling aspect is important in my process of building a collection. 

I do not run by a specific design, trend or season. I find the story and then transform it into garments. I can create up to 40 styles in one collection and still only have Twelvepieces of each design, related back to our brand name which is not Twelve styles but pieces."

What do your future plans for 12 pieces entail? A flagship store? Being able to sell in more countries?

"I would love to keep elevating with Twelvepieces and make it a more global/international lifestyle brand - so it's not only about clothes but a lifestyle concept that brings people together and allows for a wider understanding of Arabic culture, as well as greater acceptance of it in high-end fashion."

Twelvepieces is working on their second collection "The Roots", which is inspired by Amir's Egyptian cultural heritage and background, not as rebellious as "The Spring", but looking to convey the more peaceful and beautiful sides of Egypt as seen through his childhood memories. We'll keep a look out for this one, in the meantime, see if you can catch piece 11/12 since this collection is almost sold out.

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