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Voyage Aux Bords Du Nil 1940 by Anne Marie Kirollos

Voyage Aux Bords Du Nil 1940 by Anne Marie Kirollos

Inspiration is a strange thing. It can stem from history, philosophy, imagery, sound or human interaction. And sometimes, it simply comes from within.

Anne Marie Kirollos, daughter of Egyptian fashion designer Marie Louis, is the first Egyptian to receive the Fashion Design and Marketing Graduate diploma from Central Saint Martins in London, United Kingdom. Having grown up surrounded by the Egyptian fashion industry, her debut and graduate collection, "Voyage Aux Bords Du Nil 1940" is infused with the influence of her own cultural background.

Utilizing Egyptian craftsmanship techniques and artisanship in order to create pieces, which when put together, are reminiscent in palette and texture of Egypt’s green, blue, mahogany and deep mustardy orange landscapes.

Techniques such as tulle bel telli, tent-making, glass-blowing, sadaf jewelry boxes technique, fishnets and many more are used in this collection in order to inspire a revival of research, education and understanding of the value of these crafts.  

This collection touches on themes of female empowerment through bold and rustic garments, worn by women who exude an aura of self-assurance. A modern twist on the rural 1940’s Egyptian woman.

“My collection is the tale of a cosmopolitan, cultured woman who is taking a journey down the Nile River. As she travels, she stops in different cities, and consumes the cultures she encounters; making every outfit she wears a window to cities that are not fully explored by the West... nor by Egyptians themselves." - Anne Marie K.

Inspiration is an ambiguous thing. Sometimes it's difficult to trace its source. Where it started? What sparked the creative process? How to get it back? This can be frustrating when we want to harness it once again. And other times, if we're lucky, it stems from a part of who we are. From our culture or loved ones, this we can trace and we can always go back to.

Editorial credits: The Hive Management: Chloe, Nevs Models: Georgie, Milk Management: Lavina photographed by Tre & Elmaz. Hair and Makeup by Mattie White. Set Design & Styling by Pavel Dier. Carpeting by Sharafi & Co.

Egypt is not a country we live in, but a country that lives within us.
— Pope Shenouda III
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