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And it was all Yellow ...

And it was all Yellow ...

Yellow is a spontaneous and unstable color.

We've been delving into color theory lately. The emotions, visual stimuli, and physical appeal of certain colors are both fascinating and universal to an extent.

We decided to name this particular venture "The Glare Project", primarily because the word 'glare' is associated with what is bright and obvious, sometimes uncomfortable and other times beautiful, but unanimously dazzling. 

This project focuses on exploring the primary colors - yellow, red and blue - through a human perspective, through words and images, through collaborations and reflections, but mostly through experiences

Yellow is a paradoxical color. It can be associated with positive energy, happiness, warmth, hope and clarity when presented in its brightest and most potent shades.

Yellow can also represent caution, illness, jealousy and criticism in duller tones. From a cultural standpoint, the perception of this color changes drastically. In Japan, yellow signifies courage, while in Ancient Egypt, yellow was worn to represent death. Ironically.

Yellow is a color I rarely ever purchase or wear. I felt bold in this dress. I paired it with purple Dr. Martins and found that it had a positive effect on my mood, mild implications on my confidence, boosting my energy ever so slightly. It felt good to exude color, to be wearing a unique shade of yellow.

Yellow was fun to experience from the point of view of someone who sticks to earth tones and nudes. I would recommend it.

Photographed by Baher Khairy.

Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow.
— Coldplay
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