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ROOTS by Twelvepieces

ROOTS by Twelvepieces

Back to our Roots.

After the successful launch of his first collection “The Spring”, which you can read about here on Radical, Amir Hassan founder of Twelvepieces is back with a second collection "Roots", showing a more peaceful depiction of a land he calls home.

The Danish designer is of Egyptian origins, conveying his homeland Cairo, Egypt with its desert panoramas and earth toned landscapes through stoic imagery and a bold new collection that pays homage, quite literally, to his cultural roots.


Comprising of 24 designs, of each there are 12 pieces, numbered from 1 to 12; this collection is limited and sold exclusively on the brand’s website and select stores worldwide.

“For me the pyramids, sand dunes, camelbacks and hieroglyphs are all among the things I find beautiful and inspiring. Not only do they represent a time when Egypt was a frontier for what was considered a modern society, they also help me visualize the culture and tell the story about Egypt and – of course – my Roots.” – Amir Hassan

Arabic calligraphy, a carefully curated palette of taupe browns and nude beiges, and an epic editorial accompanied by a short film shot and art directed by Viktor Sloth, ensure that "Roots" stays true to its ethnic inspiration.

Desert lands and Ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics and papyrus, all the elements of centuries past have been collated into a street wear meets traditional wear hybrid of a collection.


Our personal favorite piece is photographed above, and features an excerpt from an EgyptAir passport documentation form. 

The limited "Roots" collection is dropping officially on Dec. 12th online.

Egypt gave birth to what later would become known as ‘Western Civilization,’ long before the greatness of Greece and Rome.
— John Clarke
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