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The Unapologetically Sexy CLUB by FYR

The Unapologetically Sexy CLUB by FYR

Honesty is the best policy. 

CLUB by FYR is a Parisian Egyptian jewelry label, founded and art directed by Farah Radwan, it is a brand that has stoically ventured into the realm of harnessing ones sex appeal through artistic self expression, fashion, art and of course bold accessorizing.   

This brand first stood out to me due to its edgy approach to editorial content, embodying the aura of punk rock meets raw glam in a society where grungy images rarely ever surface for public appraisal.



We spoke to Farah on building the identity of a label that appeals to the brave young soul, unafraid to embrace their flaws and celebrate their victories. 

On the design aesthetic of CLUB by FYR ...

CLUB by FYR offers diversity in terms of designs and materials used. Some people embrace sexy leather jewelry, some love the variable colours of our stones, some are faithful to raw silver and silver only, and some use jewelry as statement pieces to be part of their outfits. Of course, some people want all of the above.


On artistic direction and embracing diversity ...

The artistic direction behind CLUB by FYR is meant to be as honest as possible; it conveys a simple message, which is to wear your jewelry as you please. It is a reflection of who you are, you bring it to life, walk with it and make it a part of you.


On the CLUB by FYR persona ... 

Unlike other brands the CLUB girl/boy does not fall into one category or style; she/he is living her/his own reality and always wanting to absorb the diversity around her/him.

An independent, free, sexy, unconventional spirit; the CLUB persona is a multi-cultural being who is always looking to expand their circle of creation. Relating to our name "CLUB by FYR" a circle, crew, ring of individuals connected by common interests and honest characters. We know what we are and we embrace it, even if it goes against social, religious, or gender society norms; we encourage tolerance and are against any types of discrimination. 


On the brand's ideology ... 

We celebrate our capability to always expand our levels of consciousness, move ideologies and thoughts into our brains, and are always open to innovative thinking. CLUB by FYR acknowledges the beauty in the raw organic and geometric shapes of creation, honoring spirit and science.


CLUB's first collection FIRST BASE ...

FIRST BASE is influenced by punk codes and their artistic forms of expression; promoting individual freedom and non-conformist thinking. It represents the Egyptian "main d'oeuvre" in the metalsmithing discipline; and a "clin d'oeil" to the Pharaonic culture paying homage to the importance of amulets in our ancestry.


Image shot by Clement Vidon

Image shot by Clement Vidon

All CLUB pieces are designed and prototyped in Paris by the Founder and Artistic Director Farah Radwan; they are handcrafted by authentic Egyptian Artisans in the heart of Cairo using 925 sterling silver, fine leather, and gemstones.

You can shop their bold and daring statement pieces on their e-shop and website or through the Instagram page. 

Artistic and Creative Direction of editorial by Farah Radwan. 

I am a vessel for divine energy ... I am everything and everything is me. I am Love.
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