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The Fall Trend Report II: Menswear

The Fall Trend Report II: Menswear

Menswear is the new black. For you and him. For both, for everyone.

Working in collaboration with Yasmine Kenawi, after compiling a womenswear Fall Trend Report in October; part two of the report is dedicated to Menswear.

As an innovative style blogger Yasmine utilized this editorial as a means to shed light on an underlying theme in contemporary fashion, which is the overlapping of womenswear and menswear. Increasingly, women are shopping in the men's section and men are shopping in the women's section.

*All the clothes Yasmine is wearing in this report are from the men's section; unless indicated. 

Trend 1: Rebirth

Yasmine's notes: Paying homage to the rebirth of Fila; an iconic sportswear label. This trend emphasizes athleisure as a gender neutral way of dressing. Long socks paired with pastel colored athletic wear make it an effortlessly cool look. I'm wearing blue and Hassan is in Pink, a play on gender stereotypes using color. 

Yasmine: Fila Blue Sweater, Adidas sweatpants, Nike shoes, Amr Saad shades, Jude Benhalim earrings

Hassan: Urban Outfitters Pink Sweater, Jack Wills sweatpants, Urban Outfitters socks, Nike shoes

Trend 2: About My Business

Yasmine's notes: I'm wearing a double breasted very masculine suit jacket, committed work attire, paired with different striped pants. Hassan is dressed in brown and camel tones, styling a single breasted suit jacket with a turtleneck for a more casual take on a suit. Looking androgynous is a trend at the moment; hence the female in a suit and tie. As for men, be adventurous and pair different pieces of a suit with alternate tops and bottoms.

Yasmine: Zara jacket, pants and shoes (womenswear section), Massimo Dutti tie and blouse, Taqat jewelry

Hassan: J Crew jacket and pants, Zara top, Aldo shoes, Concrete coat 

Trend 3: 70's Revival 

Yasmine's notes: 70's fashion and the color orange are major menswear trends at the moment. Hassan is wearing corduroy pants, and mine are plaid. I recreated my look from a menswear catalogue. Hassan's look speaks to the more minimal dressing male, to draw inspiration for an everyday classic and clean look.

Yasmine: Zara coat and boots, Nike top, I.Am.Gia pants (womenswear section), Jude Benhalim earrings 

Hassan: Zara top and pants, Aldo shoes

Trend 4: Revolution 

Yasmine's notes: Hassan's look features several layers; a pullover, a flannel and a quilted jacket. I wore a fanny pack, military inspired pants, and a shirt that featured a political statement. Dark greens and earth tones, give both looks an edgy and rebellious feel.

Yasmine: H&M sweaterI.Am.Gia pants (womenswear section)Urban Outfitters Fanny pack, Club FYR rings, Zara boots 

Hassan: ASOS pants, sweater and shoes, Zara flannel, Bershka jacket

Trend 5: Blow Up 

Yasmine's notes: Puffer jackets are extremely trendy at the moment in Menswear; you can dress them up or down depending on the look. Khaki pants and mustard yellows are both colors that are on trend and go well with winter tones.

Hassan: Abercrombie & Fitch puffer jacket and beanie, Hollister pants, Adidas Shoes, Urban Outfitters sweater 

Trend 6: Saturday Night Live

Yasmine's notes: This is a classic look for a night out. The color red is one of the most prominent trends this winter in both men and women's clothing. Paring a turtleneck with jeans, a textured jacket, and a patterned scarf is an effective method of layering for menswear. 

Hassan: Massimo Dutti jacket and jeans, Zara top, Nike shoes, J Crew scarf

Photographed by Maryam Nafie



This Menswear report showcases that all colors, cuts, and materials work for both genders, and that fashion has taken huge strides since the 1920's where women were dressed in nothing but knee-length dresses and men never left a neatly fit matching suit. 

We hope this inspires your fall/winter attire to be both trendy, and maybe even a little gender neautral.

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
— Oscar Wilde
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