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CICATRIX: Sandbox X Ahmed Sorour

CICATRIX: Sandbox X Ahmed Sorour




  1. The scar of a healed wound.

Sandbox founded by Suhayla Al Sheikh is a jewelry brand, which thrives on creating collections that resonate with people. We've spoken to Suhayla previously on the progression and inception of her brand Sandbox; the Cicatrix collection in particular took the idea of conceptual jewelry to the next level.

Sandbox 2.jpg

Cicatrix studied the scars from healed wounds from burn victims, and created something permanent and beautiful out of them. Allowing these individuals to celebrate rather than hide an experience that affected them deeply. The designs are, quite literally, inspired by scarred tissue.

Sandbox 3.jpg

Cicatrix continued, in collaboration with Ahmed Sorour, uses acute Art Direction to emphasize the inspiration behind the jewelry design. Represented by the torn paper surrounding model Amina Amr, make-up by Shariff Tanyous, and photographed by Reham El Sheimy.

Sandbox 4.jpg

The shoot uses a soothing pastel color palette and a cleverly minimal idea to make the jewelry stand out. The power of art direction and translating an idea into a visual representation is evident in this particular editorial.

You can shop the Cicatrix collection through the Sandbox website or Instagram page. 

The wound is the place where the light enters you.
— Rumi
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