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Bastirma by Naila Marei: An Organic Art Show

Bastirma by Naila Marei: An Organic Art Show

The hot mess of freedom and identity.

Any place, person, moment or memory can be interpreted as inspiration and transformed into art. As Andy Warhol once said, "Art is anything you can get away with."

In Cairo, artists and this industry are an evident minority. Not because we lack talent, or because our society has no appreciation for creativity, but because the art industry is curated by a select few and young talent is quite often overlooked.

Bastirma is an art show put together by local artist Naila Marei, organised with the help of Zein Fahmy of The Wonder Agency, a one stop shop for spacial design and visual merchandising. The show will take place at Zamalek Market and creative agency FORM's office, opening on the 13th of November from 6pm to 9pm, and running until the 17th of November.

Speaking to Naila on how this show came to mind, she emphasized her desire to shed light on younger talents in the art scene; be it peers, friends or hidden treasures of people who would otherwise never get a chance to sell their work let alone showcase it for the public.

“Why not use a market space, an old apartment, a side street, a kiosk even and just show people what you can do. Exhibit your talent, with no judgment or complications," commented the artist on her vision for Bastirma.

If you’re a struggling artist in Cairo, you know the drill. Exhibiting in a gallery space is quite the feat. So instead of letting it bring you down, get creative! Combine your skills and be resourceful. Apply all the tools we have disposable to us, such as urban street spaces and social media, of course, to make your work known and to cultivate awareness on art in our city through positive activism with events such as Bastirma paving the way.

Make sure to pass by and hopefully learn something new.

Creativity takes courage.
— Henri Matisse
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