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Brands to Watch: Jude Benhalim

Brands to Watch: Jude Benhalim

Every month here at Radical we select a brand, whether local and based in Egypt or global, that we feel is shining a little extra bright at the moment.

This month our brand of choice is local jewellery and accessories designer, Jude Benhalim.

Formerly J's DesignsJude Benhalim recently ventured out on a rebranding campaign, changing their name and modifying their logo. As a result, their brand image is edgier than ever. Their latest shoot incorporates surreal visual films, in a galactic inspired photoshoot to create an otherworldly feel to an already avant-garde design stand point. Working with nayoub, or NäP, a poetic page based on all things astrological, such as stars, moons, planets and maybe a little cure for your wanderlust; Jude Benhalim showcases how fashion design is elevated through impressive and selective collaborations. The main reason for them snagging this feature, is their ability to mix and match mediums of fashion, film, art and writing to create a campaign that speaks volumes of creativity.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.44.47 PM.png

Their Instagram - Jude.Benhalim - feels as though you've traveled outside of Egypt, and landed on a planet inhabited by glittering gorgeous alien females.

Check them out and keep a look out for any future collabs. All pictures are from the website/Instagram page.

Signature Pieces: Comet and Bullet Ring.

life is too short to wear boring jewelry.
— Anonymous
Pastels Feed the Soul

Pastels Feed the Soul

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