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Boy - A Short Story Adaptation of Jamaica Kinkcaid's Pros "Girl"

Open the door for her. 

Wait until she passes and then follow; carry her heavy books when you see her struggling. Be patient, be kind, and try not to act like the asshole you are so bent on becoming. Take her out to breakfast, see her in the mornings not only at night when the darkness acts as a cover for all your shady behavior. Treat her with respect; treat her with compassion. Compliment her hair when you notice it has changed, compliment her clothes when she wears something extra special, compliment her laugh and her smile. Make her feel exceptional and loved, not as though she is dating an asshole like the one I know you are so bent on becoming. Buy her gifts on occasions, buy her something she would want, something she would like and appreciate not just any old thing. Pay for her meal when you take her out to dinner, pull out her chair and push it in. Treat her like a gentleman would treat a lady, not how an asshole would treat a slut. Make sure she feels safe; make sure she feels alive when she is around you. Stand up for her, defend her and have her back always. This is how to make her fall in love with who you are, not with the asshole I am so afraid you are becoming.

Why should I open the door for her when she can do it herself? What’s the point of paying, that’s me spending money on her not showing her love. These are useless actions; she won’t see any of them as helpful to her in any way. She is beautiful, strong and confident. She doesn’t need me. If I treat her the way you are telling me to I will become nothing more than just another one of those boys who worship her. I’d rather be an asshole than a loser. The idea of losing her terrifies me. For now I’ve won, because for now she is mine.

 He never says nice things to me. Am I not beautiful to him? What is the point of being with someone who you do not believe is the most beautiful person in the world. I think he feels like I am too independent. Such bullshit. There is no such thing. I may not need him to do the simple little things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want him too. He matters to me, and I hate the fact that he acts like he doesn’t care. He hides it from me. He hides everything from me. 

 I don’t care if she is yours now… she will leave you. If this is how you are acting she will walk away, and you will become nothing but a distant and vague memory to her. She has options son, never forget that. So follow my advice and please always pick her up when she does not have a ride, make sure she gets home safe. Call her often and text her first, don’t be an asshole son, it is not the person I see you becoming. Make sure she trusts you, giver her no reason to doubt you. Never lie. Never cheat. Those are the actions of assholes, like the one I am sure you are becoming. Take care of her, pay attention to her, lift up her spirits when they are down. If you do not love her anymore, break up with her. Don’t leave her hanging or give her false hope. If you do love her however, show her. Show her in every way that you can, don’t hide it like the asshole you are slowly becoming.

How can I not lie to her? She hates most of the things I love to do. I love to drink on occasion and stay up all night. I love the feeling of having a cigarette on a cold winter night. She hates smoking. I love going out with the boys on occasion, maybe having a joint or two. What’s the harm in that? Why should I have to give up these things for her? Do I love her? Yes, more than anyone in this world. Is she worth sacrificing who I am for her, the things I lover for her, my entire life for her… I’m really not sure.

 I don’t know if we’re on the same page …him and I. I feel like we want different tings, I feel like maybe we are two people who happen to have fallen onto the same path by accident. I am not sure if he loves me, even when he says it I feel as though he is scared to make me believe it. We have a lot in common don’t get me wrong, but mostly we hide our similarities. I guess they’re scary. They make it seem like we’re meant to be… of course neither of us believe in that crap. In fact sometimes I feel as though I can almost read his mind, predict his next thought and course of action. He is so easy for me to understand. I get him, he is the only person I can truly read.

 Protect your relationship son and fight for it, make it work if you can because girls like her are rare and she chose you. She chose you so don’t make her regret it, and whatever you do don’t hurt her. Because if you do, that is when I will be certain that you have befit the asshole I have been warning you against becoming.

This is an original adaptation.

Writer's comments: This piece was inspired by Jamaica Kincaid's short story Girl - click on the link to read it - this piece initially started as an assignment for a creative writing class in college and developed from there.  

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