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You - Neon Signs That Speak Volumes

You - Neon Signs That Speak Volumes

A neon infatuation ...

As a writer first and foremost. I am attracted to words. Typography is hugely impactful in any form of art and design; but as far as words go, nothing is more striking at times than a sentence or word glowing in bright neon lights.

Every once in a while someone manages to use this illuminated signage tool to create something profound.

 I came across this artist after Instagram's the Native Fox -  one of my favorite muse accounts - posted a picture of one of her pieces.

A Korean based photographer, Jung Lee is most famous for her use of language to convey messages through neon light installations that she photographs.

The concept is three dimensional; the messages she captures are both obvious and subtle in their depth, showcased primarily as photographs as opposed to live installation art. Although, personally I would love to come across one of her signs randomly, I think it would make anyone's day.

They highlight in the most stark sense our reliance on external sources to project our emotions. Her work reflects the expressionless and yet paradoxically omniscient millennial, struggling to figure out what to say and more importantly how to say it.

Think about it.

You know the drill...

We text "I miss you"...

Snapchat *Insert inorganic cleverly crafted image* "I love you" ...

Tweet or even worse RE-tweet "I need you" ...

I saw her work and my first thought was "This is intense and reflective of how I feel - I have to send it to my significant other."

Whoa ... and just like that, Jung Lee achieved immediate emotional impact through her work as an artist. 

"I love you with all my heart" doesn't seem so scary a sentence when blown up in caps block letters, glowing in bright red neon lights, in the middle of what seems to be a completely abandoned field. 

Trying saying that to someone face to face.

I love you with all my heart.
— Jung Lee
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