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# Join the Reformation

# Join the Reformation

Pretty please with a cherry on top ...

It's rare that you come across a brand that manages to maintain a balance between being both ecologically friendly and practicing sustainable fashion, as well as being cool, impeccably designed and fun! 

Reformation is just that, as a "brand of the moment" and definitely my current favourite, it was founded in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, and is manufactured exclusively in Downtown Los Angeles.

However, as everything goes these days, the brand rose to recognition this year as the likes of Emily Ratajkowski - pictured above -  began to wear its pieces. 

The clothes resemble that of a sleek, vintage and well dressed woman of the 1920's, meets 1970's boho chic. The concept is simple, buy awesome clothes that help the environment and at the same time make you look flawless with their shockingly flattering silhouettes.

Reformation currently only caters to females; with an assortment of dresses, killer two-piece ensembles, skirts and tops. Perfect cuts and spot on color palettes are their specialty.

Their slogan: "We make killer clothes than don't kill the environment."

Their goal is to pave the path for more sustainable fashion, manufacturing clothes with the fraction of the environmental impact of conventional brands. With each purchase the "RefScale" in the sidebar on their website allows you to see the positive difference manufacturing this piece of clothing had on the environment.

Reformation have launched a couple of awareness campaigns as well as interactive ads to help attract more attention to their pioneering brand. The latest campaign is called Drink Sustainably - aka "we don't take ourselves too seriously" - with a series of hilariously candid editorial videos showing you that Reformation offers you outfits you can literally drink sustainably in. Ultimate Brunch goals and a very very clever idea.

Tip: Subscribe to their email feed and you'll get email blasts with witty factoids like the ones in this post. Not that this isn't already obvious but, mentioning Game of Thrones, says it all.

All images are taken from the Reformation online shop.

Buy less, choose well, make it last!
— Vivienne Westwood
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