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Roba Vecchia

Roba Vecchia

Roba Vecchia was an outdoor multi faceted ordeal, with something going on for everyone, it was hands down one of the grooviest events of the year.

Organized by Alia Sabry, the event held at a Zamalek home's back yard, was a mini second hand market, turned thrift shop, with several donation boxes for a variety of causes. Entertainment involved upcoming female musician and DJ Habiba Effat at the deck, spearheading and encouraging a fabulously spontaneous line up of hidden talents to join in on the "Open Mic Night." 

The very first thing I noticed, after having paid a small entrance fee, was a glorious rack of pre-loved dresses of all shapes and sizes, personally, I spent a good 20 minutes sifting through them all, photographed below. 

The entire second hand thrift shop area was set up in the garage at the location, with a card reader sitting in the center, waiting to tell you all about your future fortunes and past shenanigans. The books and magazines rack was selling out fast. Next to it was a shoes section, followed by hand bags and other accessories. 

On the other side was an intriguing display of artistic creations, hand drawn and painted, placed on top of wooden crates and plastic containers, many by Shanwar Illustrations. As well as a couple of vintage oil paintings in antique wooden frames.

The whole vibe was that of a casually put together back yard party. I loved it, and spent most of the time looking at all the different things people - friends of mine even - used to own or wanted to give away. It was fascinating; there was a purple velvet jacket I was dying to own, but by then I only had enough cash left over for food and drinks.

A couple of local brands were present as well, including street wear label UNTY displaying their 9th collection of psychedelically inspired designs. 

The garden area was where a camp fire, bar, and BBQ corner were set up, as well as where the sensational tunes that played in the background made their way around the block.

Sunset brought in a cool breeze, and people gathered into the garden to enjoy some food, drinks, great music and sparkling string lights. The day started at 12PM and ended at around 9PM, a perfect Friday to welcome winter in Cairo.

Poster designed by  Shanwar Illustrations .

Poster designed by Shanwar Illustrations.

Thrift shopping is really just an extension of me being that same kid and going into a place that’s completely unconventional that has really endless possibilities.
— Macklemore
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