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Sole DXB 2016

Sole DXB 2016

The Region's Premier Footwear Fashion + Lifestyle Fair

Having been unable to attend Sole DXB this year, I was following closely on social media, watching this magnificent event unfold. 

This article however is not about being present at Sole or even about what exactly went down, but more so about what having such a monumental spectacle focused on footwear, fashion, lifestyle, music, art and sports combined happening in Dubai, in the MENA region, means for the future of the fashion industry in the Middle East.

Streetwear represents a huge sector of contemporary fashion, and involves heavy cultural and musical influence from around the world. It is arguably one of the most diverse segments of the fashion industry, and so it is no surprise that streetwear is the first to truly thrive in our beloved region.

Online platforms based in fashion journalism, Radical included, bank on the fact that we as a region are slowly but surely catching up on our street cred, and building a stronger more prominent presence in fashion. Over the past couple of years a plethora of brands, concept stores, bloggers, and writers have started to build a foundation and reputation for streetwear fashion in the Middle East. To name a few, concept stores such as Amongst Few, bloggers such as KicksTQ and online platforms such as the Sole website have allowed for a unique and profound discussion to evolve; allowing people from all across the board to celebrate art, music, sports, fashion and street culture in an event put together like no other.

Sole 2016 was above and beyond expectations, collaborating with adidas ORIGINALSPUMA select and Nike just to name a few titans in the footwear industry. Each brand contributed in its own manner.

The two-day event was a booming success, working to generate an immense conversation about the relevance of the Middle East in the fashion scene. Let's just say, that after such a successful turn out, the message sent to the rest of the street culture world was that we are here, we are capable, and we are the underdog to look out for it. 

"On Air" by Remi Rough; this installation housed Sole DXB's radio line up.

"On Air" by Remi Rough; this installation housed Sole DXB's radio line up.

The festival included performances from the likes of Skepta, informative and educational talks from street wear founding fathers such as David Fisher of blog-turned-serious publication HighSnobiety, and insane artistic installations by artists such as Remi Rough that acted as the skeleton of the festival's architecture. 

Down to Scoop by No.57's "Activated Charcoal and Lemonade" ice cream. Yum!

Sole DXB 2016 made a statement.

It said, "We are just getting started ..."

Check out their website for some interesting articles, look books and highlights of the festival at www.soledxb.com.

All images are from the Sole website. 

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