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Hot Hot Hot Yoga + Osana Wellness

Hot Hot Hot Yoga + Osana Wellness

What happens when you combine the ultimate sauna experience with some conscious breathing and a balance practice?

You get Hot Power Yoga aka the best thing you'll experience that week.

A friend of mine tried out this class at Osana Wellness a couple of weeks ago, and being a newcomer to the world of yoga I have yet to find a consistency in my practice. Since Friday mornings in Cairo are pretty much the only peaceful time of the week, I booked my class and was ready for a new experience.

I got out of my uber to face a pink wooden door, that transports you into somewhat of a tranquility haven. I've tried several yoga centers around Cairo, and this one stood out by mastering the delicate balance of embodying a zen environment without coming off as pretentiously doing so. The center is divided into different areas, with a quaint cafe that serves delicious chocolate swirl brownies. Post practice of course! 

We were lucky enough to have our class held in the Earth Studio. This is essentially a room built entirely from light brown wood, with open window sills that allow sunlight to pour in, and bamboo sticks to surround you as you try and focus on an object during tree pose.

The room smells of a blend of carefully chosen essential oils and lemon mint. With a tree trunk protruding from the center, and up through the ceiling.

Our instructor was attentive to the pace and flow of the class, adjusting the practice accordingly and ensuring to learn our names, understand our level and accommodate to the group's needs as a whole. 

I think attention to detail is essential in achieving a wholesome yoga experience, and that is what Osana has done. From the the space, to the instructor, to the availability of blocks and mats; it is clear that every aspect of the center was carefully curated to ensure a genuine and fruitful practice.

I had a wonderful class, and as someone who suffers from back injury, it was refreshing to feel as though I had done something productive for my body.

Hot Power Yoga was of course followed by an ice blended caramel coffee form Greco, becuase when in Maadi, how could I not?

Note: Hot Power Yoga involves a vinyasa flow class practised in a room heated to around 33 degrees celsius. The heat allows the muscles and joints to open up much more than in a cooler environment. Yogis will sweat a lot which is purifying to the body. A definition taken from their site.

Yoga is the journey of the self. Through the self. To the self.
— The Bhagavad Gita
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