Censored Kulture

Illustrated by Shanwar Badr

Curated by Radical

an collaboration between art & fashion


Pop kulture

Succeeds in removing the sting out of artistic rebellion by integrating it into fashion and mainstream culture…the reason why art doesn’t and can’t remain subversive for too long.


Counter kulture

Catalyzed by a general sense of dissatisfaction with the values of the older generation. Driven by independent media and an unstable collection of ideals and hedonistic pleasures, this character defines herself only by what she isn’t rather than who she is. 


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sub kulture

Abstract expressionism is the game - fusing the mundane with the fantastic by giving (forcing) subversive implications of style in practically anything dismissed, denounced or outdated and erecting them into icons.

“I first came face to face with the woman behind Radical a year ago at HOLM café and right from the get-go we knew a collaboration was coming. After countless references, mood boards, late meetings and old-school drawing sessions over remarkably unremarkable cappuccinos, we locked in our character designs. 

I’ve been meaning to satirize the fashion scene for a while, my problem was that I didn’t know much about it…that’s where Nour came into the picture; I was relieved to finally meet someone who was open to help me explore the crossroads of hype culture and local culture as they awkwardly attempt to ravel what we know as the fashion industry today (in exchange for teaching her how to draw cartoons).

While it’s arguable that our styles may be different, we understood that merging elements from both our worlds would give our art project the leverage it needs.

The work is 100% hand-drawn, which made this one of the most extended collaborations I’ve worked on, but undoubtedly one of the most fun.”

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