How It All Started


Radical is a creative platform and community organization for the sharing, discovery and appreciation of artistic and personal expression in all its forms. 

Our motto is: "Learn something new everyday."

Radicals are people who notice things, like the string lights in the corner of a yoga room, the design on a coffee paper cup, or a song that has the ability to change the way you feel on that particular day. We are observers. Artists. Writers. Dreamers. Leaders. We’re a community of creators, who know that your biggest asset is the ability to collaborate with like-minded people. On Radical the conversation is always open … so hop on whenever you need a dose of creative genius.

Founder: Nour Hassan

I started Radical out of a love for writing about things that I love. It was really that simple, I wanted to read about things that interest me both on a local and global scale, and I wanted the content to be curated and worth it. This project is inspired by similar websites worldwide, namely Man Repeller, which have managed to establish that writing, fashion, art, culture, wellness and more can all be placed under one informative, educational and most importantly intelligent umbrella, and made available to anyone who wants to join in on this wild and exhilarating universal conversation about art. 

Welcome to the conversation and stay Rad!